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[2] J├╝rgen Scherer, Saeed Yahyanejad, Samira Hayat, Evsen Yanmaz, Torsten Andre, Asif Khan, Vladimir Vukadinovic, Christian Bettstetter, Hermann Hellwagner, Bernhard Rinner, An Autonomous Multi-UAV System for Search and Rescue, In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications for Civilian Use (Kuan-Ta Chen, Mario Gerla, Karin Anna Hummel, Claudio Palazzi, Sofie Pollin, James JP Sterbenz, eds.), ACM, New York, USA, pp. 33-38, 2015. [bib][url] [doi] [abstract]
[1] Torsten Andre, Karin Anna Hummel, Angela Schoellig, Evsen Yanmaz, Mahdi Asadpour, Christian Bettstetter, Pasquale Grippa, Hermann Hellwagner, Stephan Sand, Siwei Zhang, Application-Driven Design of Aerial Communication Networks, In IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE, vol. 52, no. 5, IEEE Communications Society, pp. 129-137, 2014. [bib] [abstract]
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