Metadata Driven Adaptation in the ADMITS Project (bibtex)
@Article{Boeszoermenyi2003d, title = {Metadata Driven Adaptation in the ADMITS Project}, author = {Böszörmenyi, Laszlo and Hellwagner, Hermann and Kosch, Harald and Libsie, Mulugeta and Podlipnig, Stefan}, journal = {Signal Processing - Image Communication - Special Issue on Multimedia Adaptation}, year = {2003}, month = sep, number = {Issue 8}, pages = {749-766}, volume = {Vol. 18}, abstract = {The ADMITS project (Adaptation in Distributed Multimedia IT Systems) is building an experimental distributed multimedia system for investigations into adaptation, which we consider is an increasingly important tool for multimedia systems. A number of possible adaptation entities (server, proxy, clients, routers) are being explored, different algorithms for media, component and application-level adaptations are being implemented and evaluated, and experimental data are being derived to gain insight into when, where and how to adapt, and how individual, distributed adaptation steps interoperate and interact with each other. In this paper the "adaptation-chain" of (MPEG-conforming) metadata based adaptation is described: from the creation stage at the server side, through its usage in the network (actually in a proxy), up to the consumption at the client. The metadata are used to steer the adaptation processes. MPEG-conformant metadata, the so-called variation descriptions, are introduced; an example of a complete MPEG-7 document describing temporal scaling of an MPEG-4 video is given. The meta-database designed to store the metadata is briefly discussed. We describe how the metadata can be extracted from MPEG-4 visual elementary streams and initial results from the temporal video scaling experiment are given. We further present how the metadata can be utilized by enhanced cache replacement algorithms in a proxy server in order to realize quality-based caching; experimental results using these algorithms are also given. Finally, an adaptive query and presentation interface to the meta-.}, address = {Oxford, United Kingdom}, issn = {0923-5965}, language = {EN}, publisher = {Elsevier}, url = {} }
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