A Layered Piece-Picking Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Networks (bibtex)
@InProceedings{Eberhard2009, title = {A Layered Piece-Picking Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Networks}, author = {Eberhard, Michael and Timmerer, Christian and Hellwagner, Hermann}, booktitle = {STreaming Day ’09 Proceedings}, year = {2009}, address = {NA}, editor = {Raggio, Marko and Rovati, Fabrizio}, month = sep, pages = {n.a.}, publisher = {NA}, abstract = {The streaming of multimedia content over Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks is nowadays a well appreciated concept, as it helps distributing content to a great number of users and additionally reduces the server costs for providing the content. As the users of P2P networks often have different bandwidth connections and terminals, the same content is usually provided in different qualities. Although such a provision of the same content in different qualities helps to satisfy all users, it makes the sharing process less efficient. Users that are interested in the content in a specific quality can only exchange pieces with those users that are interested in the same content and the same quality. Thus, layered video coding, which provides different qualities within one bitstream, is especially well suited for P2P distribution. If the layered content is provided once in the best quality, all peers interested in this content can at least exchange the base layer, plus the enhancement layers they are interested in with those peers that have them available.}, issn = {9781616236212}, language = {EN}, location = {Genova, Italy}, talkdate = {2009.09.21}, talktype = {registered} }
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