Guest Editorial: Video Over Future Networks (bibtex)
@ARTICLE{HHmartina2017, language = {EN}, author = {Zhu, X and Mao, S and Hassan, M Hassan and Hellwagner, Hermann}, title = {Guest Editorial: Video Over Future Networks}, publisher = {IEEE}, address = {Piscataway, NJ}, journal = {IEEE Transactions on Multimedia}, pages = {2133 - 2135}, year = {2017}, month = {oct}, abstract = {The papers in this special issue focus on the deployment of video over future networks. The past decade has seen how major improvements in broadband and mobile networks have led to widespread popularity of video streaming applications, and how the latter now becomes the major driving force behind exponentially growing Internet traffic. This special issue seeks to investigate these future Internet technologies through the prism of its most prevalent application, that of video communications. video.}, volume = {19}, number = {10}, issn = {1941-0077}, doi = {10.1109/TMM.2017.2743638}, keywords = {Special issues and sections, Streaming media, Mobile communication, Network architecture, Quality of experience, Ultra-high definition video}, url = {} }
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