Secure transport and adaptation of MC-EZBC video utilizing H.264-based transport protocols (bibtex)
@Article{Hellwagner2011a, title = {Secure transport and adaptation of MC-EZBC video utilizing H.264-based transport protocols}, author = {Hellwagner, Hermann and Hofbauer, Heinz and Kuschnig, Robert and Stütz, Thomas and Uhl, Andreas}, journal = {Journal on Signal Processing: Image Communication}, year = {2011}, month = {nov}, pages = {30}, abstract = {Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) calls for solutions where content is created once and subsequently adapted to given requirements. With regard to UMA and scalability, which is required often due to a wide variety of end clients, the best suited codecs are wavelet based (like the MC-EZBC) due to their inherent high number of scaling options. However, most transport technologies for delivering videos to end clients are targeted toward the H.264/AVC standard or, if scalability is required, the H.264/SVC. In this paper we will introduce a mapping of the MC-EZBC bitstream to existing H.264/SVC based streaming and scaling protocols. This enables the use of highly scalable wavelet based codecs on the one hand and the utilization of already existing network technologies without accruing high implementation costs on the other hand. Furthermore, we will evaluate different scaling options in order to choose the best option for given requirements. Additionally, we will evaluate different encryption options based on transport and bitstream encryption for use cases where digital rights management is required.}, address = {Amsterdam, Netherlands}, doi = {10.1016/j.image.2011.11.002}, issn = {0923-5965}, language = {EN}, pdf = {}, publisher = {Elsevier B.V.} }
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