A Tool to Support Surgical Quality Assessment (bibtex)
@InProceedings{Hudelist2017, title = {A Tool to Support Surgical Quality Assessment}, author = {Hudelist, Marco A and Husslein, Heinrich and Münzer, Bernd and Schoeffmann, Klaus}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (BigMM 2017)}, year = {2017}, address = {Laguna Hills, California, USA}, editor = {Chen, Shu-Ching and Sheu, Philip Chen-Yu}, month = {apr}, pages = {2}, publisher = {IEEE}, series = {BigMM'17}, abstract = {In the domain of medical endoscopy an increasing number of surgeons nowadays store video recordings of their interventions in a huge video archive. Among some other purposes, the videos are used for post-hoc surgical quality assessment, since objective assessment of surgical procedures has been identified as essential component for improvement of surgical quality. Currently, such assessment is performed manually and for selected procedures only, since the amount of data and cumbersome interaction is very time-consuming. In the future, quality assessment should be carried out comprehensively and systematically by means of automated assessment algorithms. In this demo paper, we present a tool that supports human assessors in collecting manual annotations and therefore should help them to deal with the huge amount of visual data more efficiently. These annotations will be analyzed and used as training data in the future.}, doi = {10.1109/BigMM.2017.45}, keywords = {data handling, endoscopes, medical image processing, surgery, video signal processing, automated assessment algorithms, human assessor support tool, intervention video recordings, manual annotation collection, medical endoscopy, post-hoc surgical quality assessment, surgical procedure assessment, surgical quality assessment support tool, video archive, visual data, Minimally invasive surgery, Navigation, Quality assessment, Tools, User interfaces, Video recording, generric error rating tool, medical multimedia, surgical quality assessment}, language = {EN}, location = {Laguna Hills, California, USA}, talkdate = {2017.04.21}, talktype = {poster}, url = {http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7966750/} }
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