An H.264/SVC-based Adaptation Proxy on a WiFi Router (bibtex)
@InProceedings{Kofler2008, title = {An H.264/SVC-based Adaptation Proxy on a WiFi Router}, author = {Kofler, Ingo and Prangl, Martin and Kuschnig, Robert and Hellwagner, Hermann}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 18th International Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV)}, year = {2008}, address = {New York, NY, USA}, editor = {Wolf, Lars and Griwodz, Carsten}, month = may, pages = {63-68}, publisher = {ACM}, series = {NOSSDAV}, abstract = {Recent advances in video coding technology like the scalable extension of the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video coding standard pave the way for computationally cheap adaptation of video content. In this paper we present our work on a lightweight RTSP/RTP proxy that enables in-network stream processing. Based on an off-the-shelf wireless router that runs a Linux-based firmware we demonstrate that the video adaptation can be performed on-the-fly directly on a network device. The paper covers design and implementation details of the proxy as well as a discussion about the actual adaptation of the SVC stream. Based on experimental evaluations we show that our approach can handle a reasonable number of concurrent sessions for a typical home deployment scenario. Furthermore, the paper covers possible applications in which adaptation on the network device can be beneficial.}, doi = {10.1145/1496046.1496061}, keywords = {Multimedia adaptation, in-network adaptation, RTSP, RTP, H.264, scalable video coding}, language = {EN}, location = {Braunschweig, Germany}, pdf = {}, talkdate = {2009.05.29}, talktype = {registered} }
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