Media Ecosystems: A Novel Approach for Content-Awareness in Future Networks (bibtex)
@InCollection{Koumaras2011_FIABook, title = {Media Ecosystems: A Novel Approach for Content-Awareness in Future Networks}, author = {Koumaras, Harilaos and Negru, Daniel and Borcoci, Eugen and Koumaras, Vaios and Troulos, Costas and Lapid, Yael and Pallis, Evangelos and Sidibé, Mamadou and Pinto, Antonia and Gardikis, Georgios and Xilouris, George and Timmerer, Christian}, booktitle = {The Future Internet}, publisher = {Springer}, year = {2011}, address = {Berlin, Heidelberg, New York}, editor = {Domingue, John and Galis, Alex and Gavras, Anastasius and Zahariadis, Theodore and Lambert, Dave and Cleary, Frances and Daras, Petros and Krco, Srdjan and Müller, Henning and Li, Man-Sze and Schaffers, Hans and Lotz, Volkmar and Alvarez, Federico and Stiller, Burkhard and Karnouskos, Stamatis and Avessta, Susanna and Nilsson, Michael}, month = {may}, pages = {369-380}, series = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science}, volume = {6656}, abstract = {This chapter proposes a novel concept towards the deployment of a networked ‘Media Ecosystem’. The proposed solution is based on a flexible co- operation between providers, operators, and end-users, finally enabling every user first to access the offered multimedia services in various contexts, and second to share and deliver his own audiovisual content dynamically, seamlessly, and transparently to other users. Towards this goal, the proposed concept provides content-awareness to the network environment, network- and user context- awareness to the service environment, and adapted services/content to the end user for his best service experience possible, taking the role of a consumer and/or producer.}, doi = {10.1007/978-3-642-20898-0_26}, keywords = {Future Internet, Multimedia Distribution, Content Awareness, Net- work Awareness, Content/Service Adaptation, Quality of Experience, Quality of Services, Service Composition, Content-Aware Network}, language = {EN}, pdf = {} }
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