Combined Adaptation and Caching of MPEG-4 SVC in Streaming Scenarios (bibtex)
@INPROCEEDINGS{Mackay2008, language = {EN}, author = {Mackay, Michael and Hutchison, David and Ransburg, Michael and Hellwagner, Hermann}, title = {Combined Adaptation and Caching of MPEG-4 SVC in Streaming Scenarios}, editor = {Hellwagner, Hermann and Timmerer, Christian}, talktype = {none}, booktitle = {2008 Ninth International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services}, publisher = {IEEE}, address = {Los Alamitos, CA, USA}, pages = {101-104}, month = apr, year = {2008}, abstract = {A key objective of the ENTHRONE II Project is the ability to optimise the delivery of multimedia content to a wide group of heterogeneous users. One example of this is in the cooperative deployment of adaptation and caching functionality in the edge network. This hybrid approach makes it possible not only to store content locally, thus minimising the cost incurred through subsequent requests, but also to better serve heterogeneous groups of users by dynamically adapting the content to suit a wide range of terminal devices. In this paper, we describe and evaluate how the cooperative deployment of MPEG-21-based adaptation and caching of MPEG-4 SVC can result in improvements both in the quality of the content received at the user terminal and the resources consumed during the delivery}, isbn13 = {9780769531304}, pdf = { Adaptation and Caching of MPEG-4 SVC in Streaming Scenarios.pdf}, url = {} }
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