Fair Share Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (bibtex)
@ARTICLE{Mueller2013_MMC, language = {EN}, author = {Mueller, Christopher and Lederer, Stefan and Timmerer, Christian}, title = {Fair Share Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP}, publisher = {IEEE Communications Society [online]}, address = {New York, NY, USA}, journal = {IEEE Multimedia Communications Technical Committee E-Letter}, pages = {30-33}, year = {2013}, month = {mar}, abstract = {Multimedia delivery over the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is currently very popular and with MPEGs' Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) a standard is available to provide interoperability and enable large-scale deployments using existing infrastructures (servers, proxies, caches, etc.). This paper identifies some issue when multiple DASH clients compete for a bandwidth bottleneck when transparent proxy caches are deployed. Therefore, we propose a fair share adaptation scheme to be included within the client which – through experimental results – achieve a more efficient utilization of the bottleneck bandwidth and less quality switches.}, volume = {8}, number = {2}, keywords = {Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, DASH, Fair Adaptation, Proxy Cache, Multimedia}, pdf = {http://www-itec.uni-klu.ac.at/bib/files/E-Letter-March13.pdf}, url = {http://committees.comsoc.org/mmc/e-news/E-Letter-March13.pdf} }
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