Towards a Context-Aware Forwarding Plane in Named Data Networking supporting QoS (bibtex)
@Article{Posch2017, author = {Posch, Daniel and Rainer, Benjamin and Hellwagner, Hermann}, journal = {Computer Communication Review}, title = {Towards a Context-Aware Forwarding Plane in Named Data Networking supporting QoS}, year = {2017}, month = {jan}, number = {1}, pages = {9}, volume = {47}, abstract = {The emergence of Information-Centric Networking (ICN) provides considerable opportunities for context-aware data distribution in the network's forwarding plane. While packet forwarding in classical IP-based networks is basically predetermined by routing, ICN foresees an adaptive forwarding plane considering the requirements of network applications. As research in this area is still at an early stage, most of the work so far focused on providing the basic functionality, rather than on considering the available context information to improve Quality of Service (QoS). This article investigates to which extent existing forwarding strategies take account of the available context information and can therefore increase service quality. The article examines a typical scenario encompassing different user applications (Voice over IP, video streaming, and classical data transfer) with varying demands (context), and evaluates how well the applications' requirements are met by the existing strategies.}, address = {New York, USA}, doi = {10.1145/3041027.3041029}, language = {EN}, pdf = {}, publisher = {ACM SIGCOMM}, url = {} }
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