Generic Streaming of Multimedia Content (bibtex)
@InProceedings{Ransburg2005, title = {Generic Streaming of Multimedia Content}, author = {Ransburg, Michael and Hellwagner, Hermann}, booktitle = {Proceedings of IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications (EuroIMSA 2005)}, year = {2005}, address = {Grindelwald}, editor = {Hamza, Mohamed H}, month = feb, pages = {324-330}, publisher = {ACTA Press}, abstract = {The growing demand for multimedia information by different types of users equipped with a large variety of devices and connecting through different kinds of networks results in an increasing amount of different multimedia formats. Research is currently concentrating on the adaptation of the contents in order to provide Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) for the content consumer. But this does not solve the problem of the content provider, who still has to signal this variety of different multimedia formats to the consumer. In this contribution, we show a way to stream any type of multimedia format based on generic hint information. This hint information is based on a generic bit stream syntax description (gBSD) which is used for format-independent content adaptation within the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework. Ultimately, this can lead to a frame-work which allows generic streaming and generic adaptation anywhere in the network.}, keywords = {Streaming, Metadata, Multimedia, MPEG-21, XML andDigital Item Adaptation.}, language = {EN}, talktype = {none} }
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