The Semantics of MPEG-21 Digital Items Revisited (bibtex)
@InProceedings{Timmerer2008f, title = {The Semantics of MPEG-21 Digital Items Revisited}, author = {Timmerer, Christian and Andrade, Maria Teresa and Carvalho, Pedro and Rogai, Davide and Cordara, Giovanni}, booktitle = {Proceedings of ACM Multimedia 2008 2nd International Workshop on the Many Faces of Multimedia Semantics}, year = {2008}, address = {New York, USA}, editor = {Fotouhi, Farshad and Grosky, William I and Stanchev, Peter}, month = oct, pages = {17-23}, publisher = {ACM}, abstract = {The MPEG-21 standard forms a comprehensive multimedia framework covering the entire multimedia distribution chain. In particular, it provides a flexible approach to represent, process, and transact complex multimedia objects which are referred to as Digital Items (DIs). DIs can be quite generic, independent of the application domain, and can encompass a diversity of media resources and metadata. This flexibility has an impact on the level of interoperability between systems and applications, since not all the functionality needs to be implemented. Furthermore, additional semantic rules may be implemented through the processing of the Digital Item which is possibly driven by proprietary metadata. This jeopardizes interoperability and consequently raises barriers to the successful achievement of augmented and transparent use of multimedia resources. In this context, we have investigated and evaluated the interoperability at the semantic level of Digital Items throughout the automated production, delivery and consumption of complex multimedia resources in heterogeneous environments. This paper describes the studies conducted, the experiments performed, and the conclusions reached towards that goal.}, doi = {}, isbn13 = {978-1-60558-316-7}, keywords = {MPEG-21, Digital Items, Semantics, Evaluation, Metadata.}, language = {EN}, pdf = {}, talktype = {none} }
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