Accelerating Media Business Developments with the MPEG Extensible Middleware (bibtex)
@InCollection{Timmerer2010_MXM_IOSPress, title = {Accelerating Media Business Developments with the MPEG Extensible Middleware}, author = {Timmerer, Christian and Chiariglione, Filippo and Preda, Marius and Rodriguez Doncel, Victor}, booktitle = {Towards the Future Internet - Emerging Trends from European Research}, publisher = {IOS Press}, year = {2010}, address = {Amsterdam, Netherlands}, editor = {Tselentis, Georgios and Galis, Alex and Gavras, Anastasius and Krco, Srdjan and Letz, Volkmar and Simperl, Elena and Stiller, Burkhard and Zahariadis, Theodore}, month = {apr}, pages = {217--226}, abstract = {This document provides an overview of the MPEG Extensible Middleware (MXM), one of ISO/IEC MPEG’s latest achievements, defining an architecture and corresponding application programming interfaces (APIs) which enable accelerated media business developments. The paper describes the vision behind MXM, its architecture, and a high level overview of the API. Additionally, example MXM applications are given.}, language = {EN}, pdf = {} }
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