Context-Aware UPnP-AV Services for Adaptive Home Multimedia Systems (bibtex)
@ARTICLE{Tusch2008, language = {EN}, author = {Tusch, Roland and Jakab, Michael and Köpke, Julius and Krätschmer, Armin and Kropfberger, Michael and Kuchler, Sigrid and Ofner, Michael and Hellwagner, Hermann and Böszörmenyi, Laszlo}, title = {Context-Aware UPnP-AV Services for Adaptive Home Multimedia Systems}, publisher = {Hindawi Publishing Corporation}, address = {Cairo}, journal = {International Journal of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting}, pages = {12}, year = {2008}, month = sep, abstract = {One possibility to provide mobile multimedia in domestic multimedia systems is the use of Universal Plug and Play Audio Visual (UPnP-AV) devices. In a standard UPnP-AV scenario, multimedia content provided by a Media Server device is streamed to Media Renderer devices by the initiation of a Control Point. However, there is no provisioning of context-aware multimedia content customization. This paper presents an enhancement of standard UPnP-AV services for home multimedia environments regarding context awareness. It comes up with context profile definitions, shows how this context information can be queried from the Media Renderers, and illustrates how a Control Point can use this information to tailor a media stream from the Media Server to one or more Media Renderers. Moreover, since a standard Control Point implementation only queries one Media Server at a time, there is no global view on the content of all Media Servers in the UPnP-AV network. This paper also presents an approach of multimedia content integration on the Media Server side that provides fast search for content on the network. Finally, a number of performance measurements show the overhead costs of our enhancements to UPnP-AV in order to achieve the benefits.}, volume = {Vol. 2008}, doi = {doi:10.1155/2008/835438}, pdf = { UPnP-AV Services for Adaptive Home Multimedia Systems.pdf}, url = {} }
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