Channel Measurements Over 802.11a-Based UAV-to-Ground Links (bibtex)
@InProceedings{Yanmaz2011a, title = {Channel Measurements Over 802.11a-Based UAV-to-Ground Links}, author = {Yanmaz, Evsen and Kuschnig, Robert and Bettstetter, Christian}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the GlobeCom 2010 (Wi-UAV Workshop)}, year = {2011}, address = {Piscataway, NJ, USA}, editor = {How, Jonathan and Wietfeld, Christian}, month = {dec}, pages = {5}, publisher = {IEEE}, abstract = {The distribution of audio-visual content over the Internet has become very popular in recent years. However, due to the bandwidth requirements of videos in high definition, a costefficient distribution is desirable. In this paper we present a low-cost consumer electronics set-top box for streaming live video content using cost-efficient P2P networks. The main features of the set-top box include content discovery, highquality playback, easy user management, and social interaction.}, language = {EN}, pdf = {}, talktype = {none} }
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