Content Adaptation Issues in the Future Internet (bibtex)
@InCollection{Zahariadis2009, title = {Content Adaptation Issues in the Future Internet}, author = {Zahariadis, Theodore and Lamy-Bergot, Catherine and Schierl, Thomas and Grüneberg, Karsten and Celetto, Luca and Timmerer, Christian}, booktitle = {Towards the Future Internet - A European Research Perspective}, publisher = {IOS Press}, year = {2009}, address = {Amsterdam, Netherlands}, editor = {Tselentis, Georgios and Domingue, John and Galis, Alex and Gavras, Anastasius and Hausheer, David and Krco, Srdjan and Lotz, Volkmar and Zahariadis, Theodore}, month = may, pages = {283-292}, abstract = {Future Media Internet is envisaged to provide the means to share and distribute (advanced) multimedia content and services with superior quality and striking flexibility, in a trusted and personalized way, improving citizens' quality of life, working conditions, edutainment and safety. Based on work that has taken place in projects ICT SEA and ICT OPTIMIX, and the Media Delivery Platforms Cluster of projects, we try to provide the challenges and the way ahead in the area of content adaptation.}, issn = {9781607500070}, keywords = {Future Media Internet, Adaptation, Scalable Video Coding}, language = {EN}, pdf = {}, url = {} }
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