Multimedia for Medicine: The Medico Task at MediaEval 2017 (bibtex)
@InProceedings{mlux2017, title = {Multimedia for Medicine: The Medico Task at MediaEval 2017}, author = {Riegler, Michael and Pogorelov, Konstantin and Halvorsen, Pal and Randel, Kristin and Eskeland, Sigrun and Dang-Nguyen, Duc-Tien and Lux, Mathias and Griwodz, Carsten and Spampinato, Concetto and de Lange, Thomas}, booktitle = {Working Notes Proceedings of the MediaEval 2017 Workshop}, year = {2017}, address = {Dublin, Ireland}, editor = {Gravier, Guillaume and Bischke, Benjamin and Demarty, Claire-Hélène and Zaharieva, Maia and Riegler, Michael and Dellandrea, Emmanuel and Bogdanov, Dmitry and Sutcliffe, Richard and Jones, Gareth and Larson, Martha}, month = {jan}, pages = {3}, publisher = {CEUR Workshop Proceedings}, abstract = {The Multimedia for Medicine Medico Task, running for the first time as part of MediaEval 2017, focuses on detecting abnormalities, diseases and anatomical landmarks in images captured by medical devices in the gastrointestinal tract. The task characteristics are described, including the use case and its challenges, the dataset with ground truth, the required participant runs and the evaluation metrics.}, language = {EN}, location = {Dublin, Ireland}, talkdate = {2017.09.14}, talktype = {registered} }
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