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[2] Benjamin Rainer, Stefan Petscharnig, Christian Timmerer, Hermann Hellwagner, Statistically Indifferent Quality Variation: An Approach for Reducing Multimedia Distribution Cost for Adaptive Video Streaming Services, In IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE, vol. 19, New York, USA, pp. 13, 2017. [bib][url] [doi] [pdf] [abstract]
[1] Mario Taschwer, Armin Müller, Laszlo Böszörmenyi, Integrating Semantic Search and Adaptive Streaming of Video Segments: the DAHL Project, Technical report, Institute of Information Technology (ITEC), Klagenfurt University, no. TR/ITEC/05/2.04, Klagenfurt, Austria, pp. 34, 2005. [bib] [abstract]
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