libdash 2.1

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libdash 2.1 release is available including comprehensive documentation and a QT based graphical sample player.

New Features


  • Next release is scheduled at the end of April
    • Extending the QT Player to support all DASH264 testvectors and audio
    • Seamless resolution switch with QT Player
    • Extending the libdash middleware
    • Further Tests & Bugfixes.

Sources and Binaries

You can find the latest sources and binaries in the download section of bitmovin and on github.

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3 Responses to libdash 2.1

  1. Aouini Zied says:

    Dear Mr Cristophe,

    I’m currently working on DASH and the optimization of clients part behaviour.
    I’m trying to set Qt with Visual Studio but this is not the reason I’m writing this comment.
    Actually I’m trying to focus on the adaptation logic. I found (lowest, manual) but I didnt find an adaption logic to the bitrate of the client (a dynamic one).
    Can I ask you if you developed this kind of logic. If yes, which logic ( heuristic) did you use to estimate the bandwith of the client?

    With regards,
    Zied AOUINI

    • Christopher Mueller says:

      Hi Zied,

      Currently there is no dynamic adaptation logic available. The logics that are integrated should show how one can use libdash for this adaptation. About heuristics I think you can find many papers from conferences like MMSys etc., which describe different adaptation algorithms in detail.


  2. Aouini Zied says:

    First of all , I want to thank you for your response.
    The objective of my internship to develop an optimized adaptative logic.
    I’m trying to study the already used methods to estimate the client bandwidh.
    I think using some Dashlib features will be really helpful for my project.
    One other question, I’m trying to build the project; Using MVS2010 and Qt5 as I understood. I’m currently facing some troubles building Qt5 (OpenGl …) I hope it willl be fixed as soon as possible. But I wanted to know if it was possible to build the project using Qtcreator and Qt5?

    With regards,
    Zied AOUINI

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