Beta released

The new beta is now availabe at the Download-Section as set of git patches on top of VLC 1.2.0.


  • Some cosmetic fixes ( removed trailing whitelines and tabs, uses “” for local file inclusion, set git authorship ;-) )
  • NullAdaptationLogic and BaseUrl are now entirely in the header
  • p_access->psz_demux = strdup(“avformat”) will only be set if the XML is a valid DASH XML
  • The return value of malloc will be checked
  • The source is now available under LGPL
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One Response to Beta released

  1. hi,

    The software works like a charm. Great work!
    I was just curious about the fact that do you also have the source code to generate DASH content that is available on you website (mt bike and snow board) so that more content be checked via the plugin.

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