Update on isoffmain patches

The first patch “Patch 001: Parsing and management of the isoffmain profile” has been split into 17 patches and is now officially part of VLC and can be checked out through the git repo of vlc. The other ones are currently under review but I think they will be integrated soon.

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One Response to Update on isoffmain patches

  1. John says:

    After all this pathes integrated to vlc, will we be able to use mp4box m4s generated files to play on vlc? without dashEncoder?

    I also noticed that new vlc build play such mpd files: http://www-itec.uni-klu.ac.at/ftp/datasets/mmsys12/RedBullPlayStreets/redbull_1s/RedBullPlayStreets_1s_act_Standard.mpd

    but there is one problem redbull_1sec_100kbit/redbull_100kbit_dash.mp4 is made using GPAC 0.4.6-DEV-rev3447,
    when i tried to use latest gpac generated files I got such error from vlc “stream_filter_dash debug: DASH Read: failed to read (Bad file descriptor)”
    it reads mpd file but there is problem with reading descriptor file made with latest gpac

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