Downloader and Buffer for the VLC DASH Plugin

I have rebased some old patches due to the fact that some of the patches from the “dataset patch-set” are already part of VLC. Furthermore I have added some more patches which will add a download thread and a buffer to VLC. The patch-set consists of 8 patches and is available at our download section.

The size of the buffer can be configured through the vlc preferences as shown below:

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5 Responses to Downloader and Buffer for the VLC DASH Plugin

  1. Bob Forsman says:

    There are some shortcomings in VLC’s implementation of DASH. I pointed out some possible improvements on the VLC forums:

    • cmueller says:

      I have submitted patches that make the plugin compatible with a part of the new standard and they also include the AdaptionSet, SegmentList and SegmetBase. The patches are available here and a part of them has recently been applied to the official vlc git.
      Btw your example is wrong, the initsegment is not part of the segmentlist it should be part of the segmentbase. Furthermore the other bugs that you have reported are related to ffmpeg.
      I do this implementation work mainly in my free time and do not get paid for it. I have often seen that people want some things on the vlc mailinglist and they offer some money for features but if you do not want to do that you would have to wait or checkout the vlc source over git, open an IDE and fix this issues by your own.

      • Bob Forsman says:

        I’ll propose that to my boss, but he’ll probably tell me to fix my XML generator and continue work on the segmentation engine.

        • cmueller says:

          Just apply the patches that I have proposed here and generate MPDs that look like that (non segmentent, segmented). These MPDs are fully compatible with the new standard and the plugin will play them. Regarding your other bugs about the audio you would have to fix that in ffmpeg.

        • cmueller says:

          Btw. we have a DASH segmentation engine its not perfect like the plugin but it is something ;) . Available here

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