Dataset MPD’s for VLC Android

We have adapted the following Dataset MPD’s for the Android DASH VLC version:

Name Segment Length Quality Genre
Big Buck Bunny 15 seconds 720p Animation
Elephants Dream 15 seconds 1080p Animation
Red Bull Playstreets 4 seconds 720p Sport
Red Bull Playstreets 15 seconds 1080p Sport
The Swiss Account 15 seconds 360p Sport
Valkaama 15 seconds 1080p Movie
Of Forest and Men 15 seconds 576p Movie
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2 Responses to Dataset MPD’s for VLC Android

  1. gold says:

    Hi Christopher Mueller:
    I have a quesition, But how to generate these mpd files that can be used for VLC to play them?
    What tools should I use to generate these mpd files like above demos used?

  2. Pavan says:

    I could not actually manage to play the the mpd’s listed above. The videos are all garbled and there is no audio. Do I have to install some specific version of VLC to be able to play them?

    Also, VLC crashes shortly after launching and upon retrying several times it starts playback but the images are all garbled. (I am on a stable wifi connection and running them on Nexus 5)

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