DASH Tutorial @ ACM Multimedia 2012

Titel: Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP: From Content Creation to Consumption

Presenters: Christian Timmerer and Carsten Griwodz

Abstract: In this tutorial we present dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP ranging from content creation to consumption. It particular, it provides an overview of the recently ratified MPEG-DASH standard, how to create content to be delivered using DASH, its consumption, and the evaluation thereof with respect to competing industry solutions. The tutorial can be roughly clustered into three parts. In part I we will provide an introduction to DASH, part II covers content creation, delivery, and consumption, and, finally, part III deals with the evaluation of existing (open source) MPEG-DASH implementations compared to state-of-art deployed industry solutions.

Acknowledgment: FP7 ICT SocialSensor, FP7 ICT ALICANTE

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3 Responses to DASH Tutorial @ ACM Multimedia 2012

  1. Frédéric says:

    I think the curve representing adaptation (slide 49 for example) should be a staircase one :-)

    Also variable names of the formula slide 40 is weird, I would replace b_n, b_{n-1} and b_m by (respectively): a_n, b_{n-1}, and c_n. As it is, notation is not consistent.

    Best regards,

  2. FC says:

    I think the tutorial should include basic examples of how to generate content. Also basic examples of how to play it back. There was no mention in the tutorial slides of the incompatibility between VLC DASH playback and the MPDs produced by the current GPAC’s MP4Box. The slides seem to be a collection of old information. Please update with concrete recent examples so we can evaluate these options.


  3. yash says:

    I would be happy , If video session has been posted here .. That makes it easier to understand for the beginners.

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