Name Version Type Modified Details Link
Merge And Forward 1.0 Source-Code 23-11-2014 Details GIT-HUB
DASH-JS 2.0 Source-Code 23-11-2014 Details GIT-HUB
mobile DASHEncoder 1.0 Source-Code 23-11-2014 Details GIT-HUB
libdash 1.0 Dynamic Library 07-02-2012 Details libdash
DASH Dataset 2.0 Test-Content 23-11-2014 Details HTTP / FTP
DASH Encoder 1.0 Source-Code 27-01-2012 Details GIT-HUB
DASH VLC Plugin 1.0 VLC Plugin 17-02-2011 Details VLC
DASH over CCN VLC Patches 1.0 VLC Plugin Patches 05-02-2013 Details download
DASH over CCN Repository 1.0 CCNx Repository 05-02-2013 Details download

DASH Dataset Sequences (new Dataset!)

Name Source Quality Length Genre
Big Buck Bunny 1080p YUV 09:46 Animation
Elephants Dream 1080p YUV 10:54 Animation
Red Bull Playstreets 1080p, 6 Mbit H.264 01:37:28 Sport
The Swiss Account 1080p, 6 Mbit H.264 57:34 Sport
Valkaama 1080p, 6 Mbit H.264 01:33:05 Movie
Of Forest and Men SD 10:53 Movie

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