Microsoft Imagine Premium

Microsoft Imagine
(formerly Microsoft Dreamspark or MSDNAA)

The Faculty of Technical Sciences (TEWI) subscribed to MSDNAA / DreamSpark / Imagine Premium in September, 2009.

As a Microsoft Imagine Premium member, TEWI is entitled to offer a variety of Microsoft software tools and operating systems for non-commercial development purposes to all of its staff members and associated students.

TEWI Staff and Student Access

TEWI staff members and students should access Microsoft Imagine software using the following ELMS (electronic license management system) provided by Kivuto Solutions.

AAU TEWI Microsoft Imagine Webstore

After clicking the Login link ("Sign in" or "Anmelden" near the top), you will  be asked to authenticate yourself using your AAU Klagenfurt ZID account.

Please note: only TEWI staff members and TEWI students will be granted access to ELMS. This is a restriction of the Microsoft Imagine Premium license.

TEWI Microsoft Imagine Program Administrator: