Distributed Information Systems - Overview of current Research Contributions

Research in Distributed Databases and Distributed Systems
Research in Databases

Research in Distributed Databases and Distributed Systems:

Our ADMITS project (Adaptation in Distributed Multimedia IT Systems) is building an experimental distributed multimedia system for investigations into adaptation, which we regard as an increasingly important tool for multimedia systems. A number of possible adaptation entities (server, proxy, clients, routers) are being explored, different algorithms for media, component and application-level adaptations are being implemented and evaluated, and experimental data are being derived to gain insight into when, where and how to adapt, and how individual, distributed adaptation steps interoperate and interact with each other.

My Research Team is investigating possibilities for representing content- and adaptation capability meta-data for delivery and consumption in the net and at the client side. An interaction model with the media is proposed. More information may be obtained from the CODAC team page.

In cooperation with the Siemens AG, I developed the gBSDL Schema, the generic Bitstream Syntax Description Language which is a part of the MPEG-21 DIgital Item Standardization. More details on gBSDL may be found on the MPEG-Homepage (MPEG-21 Working Documents).
More information and a demo may be found on the MPEG-21 and MPEG-7 page.

Some information may be also found on the MPEG-21 and MPEG-7 page.
Mobile Agents are a challenging technology to send enhance server capabilities. In this context we are developing an agency system for a distributed database system based on Oracle 8i.
Joint work with Zoltan László and Balázs Goldschmidt
Participating researchers: Mario Döller and László Böszörményi
Research interest lies in the design of scalable video servers and resource control. We implemented a parallel video server architecture SESAME-KB which provides real-time streaming services for MPEG-based video streams.
Participating researchers :  Ahmed Moustefaoui and Klaus Breidler

Research in Databases:

My research interest lies in the modeling and querying of the content of audio-visual data. This is closely related to the merging MPEG-7 standardization efforts.

Our main project was the SMOOTH  Video DB which implements a general integrated indexing framework for video material. We also investigate how MPEG-7 and MMDBMS can work together for a multimedia framework.

Participating students:  Alexander Bachlechner, Bernhard Dörflinger ,Christian Hofbauer ,Carmen Riedler , Margit Lang , Christian Hanin , Matthias Marsche , Ines Neumayr , Reinhold Paulitsch
Particpating researchers: László Böszörményi and Roland Tusch

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