Current Courses (WS 2018/19)

  • VO Rechnerorganisation (Computer Organization)
  • VO Einführung in die Multimedia-Technik (Introduction to Multimedia Technology)
  • VC Current Topics in Multimedia Communication: Adaptive Media Streaming
  • SE Doctoral Seminar on Networked Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
  • PV Privatissimum für Diplomand/inn/en und Dissertant/inn/en
  • PR Projektsemester (Praxis- bzw. Forschungsssemester)

Topics for Master Theses

  • Master theses are available in the CONCERT project in which we design and evaluate multimedia transmission and distribution mechanisms in an Information-Centric Network (ICN), one of the proposals for the Future Internet. For further information, please visit the Website above and feel free to contact me.