Fully Interoperable Streaming of Media Resources in Heterogeneous Environments

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Source Package

A zip archiv containing all sources and documentation is available for download here.

Build Instructions

The software packet is build by going to the scripts directory and executing the build script from there. Before starting the build script, please make sure that the third party libraries required by VLC are installed. The script builds all three major components, the MXM library, the LIVE555 library and the VLC. If problems occur during the installation of one of the components, please check the corresponding log file (log_mxm.txt, log_live555.txt, log_vlc.txt) and build the components without using the build scripts. Details on the manual building process are provided in the subsequent sections.

To build the MXM library, please go to the mxm directory and execute make. The building of the MXM library depends on xerces-c, which is included in mxm/lib as a library. If problems occur during the compilation of the MXM library you might want to try to compile xerces-c on your own and provide it in mxm/lib.

To build the LIVE555 library, please go to the live directory and execute make. If problems occur during the compilation of the LIVE555 library, please refer to the LIVE555 website for more details.

The building of the VLC depends on a number of third party libraries. Please make sure that these libraries are installed before trying to compile the VLC. Especially the installation of ffmpeg is essential for the MXM streaming demo. The third party libraries for VLC are often provided in public repositories, e.g. at download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/SuSE/10.3/ for openSuSE.

To build the VLC, please go to the vlc-0.9.9a directory and perform the following commands:

During tests some errors from libtool at the beginning of the make process were frequently occuring. If you experience these errors (error messages like "X--tag=CC: command not found"), please modify in vlc-0.9.9a/libtool the line 'ECHO="echo"' to 'echo="echo"', which should solve the problem. Then go to the vlc-0.9.9a directory and finish the compilation process by executing make (executing the build script again would call configure, which modifies libtool, and would hence lead to the same problem again).


The server and the client can be started using the start_server and start_client scripts in the scripts-directory. More information on the parameters of these scripts can be found in the Readme file. More details on how the application can be used are available here.