Query Interface Session

The query interface allows us to select videos from the database. This can be done in two ways : If this succeeds, one sees the following interface (fig. 1) and can start to submit queries to the system
Bereich für PersonenanfragenBereich für StadionabfragenBereich für EreignisanfragenBereich für Objektanfragen

Fig. 1: The Query Interface

Query Principles

The heart of the query interface are four search columns, by which one can formulate its queries. This columns are represented by four internal windows: The NEW - Button allows the creation of a new Condition which must satisfy the query, the DELETE - Button erases the actual active line from the set of specified condition. The list field enables us to connect the different condition either with AND respective OR.

The second important part of the query interface is the dialog in which the query conditions can be detailed. Such a dialog is split into two parts:

If one wants to retrieve all tuples, no condition shall be specified. Otherwise the results, as a function of the input criteria, are represented.

Now one can select  from the result set either one special data record or select them all. In addition there are the buttons "One " or " All" which follow the functionality described above. Click on the SELECT Button and  the data is transferred into the respective window and the dialog window closes.

For Event queries, the window looks different  (fig. 2). The reason is that we propose to specify temporal queries, such as 'give me all goals which happened after a corner'. One defines thus two events, from which the first took place after the second one :

Bereich zur Eingabe der KriterienErgebnisse der Anfrage
Fig. 2: The Event - Dialog

Before one submits the query, there are still two options to specify :

1) In the first list field one indicates, which video granularity one desires. The smallest granularity is "SHOTS ", while "COMPOUND UNITS" is the largest.

2) The second list field determines whether the conditions of the individual categories are AND or OR connected.

The actual query process is started by clicking  the SUBMIT button, while the button " CLEAR form " deletes all conditions defined before.

If the query was successful, the results are displayed as a list in a new window. Now, one has the following options:

     regard a certain video (through click on the Request - Button)
     reduce the result set ( Refine - Button)
     store the query ( Store curtain - Button)
     leave the result presentation ( CLOSE - Button)

One can reload a Stored Query by two ways:

Either in the menu Query = > load  with the helpof the icons or with the question mark.

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