Example of Query Sessions

We present two example query sessions :
Simple Example
Complex Example

Let us onsider a first example  :

Give me all videos in which the player Toni Polster scored a goal by a shot from max. 20 meter.

The query requires two conditions: one on a person (Toni Polster) and one on an event (goal shot from max. 20 meters).

For defining the conditions one proceeds as follows:

Click on the NEW Button of the Person window. Afterwards selects "New Player" from the list and click on SELECT. (fig. 3)

Fig. 1: Lists of the available Person Subclasses

In the following dialog window, one enters in the first name field Toni and the surname field Polster and presses then the
Search - button. Then the selected player (or players for an insensitive search - use Lotha% to get Lothar Lothas) is displayed in the result list. One can nsert the condition in the condition window  by pressing  the SELECT button.

Now it's the turn for the Event-condition. By pressing the NEW ONE button in the Event window, a  new dialog window appears. Now, selects the symbol
with "<" Distance and enter 21. By pressing SEARCH, one receives all goals, which were shot from max. 20 meters. By pressing SELECT, the condition is taken over.
In order to send the query to the index database, click on  SUBMIT. The result set will be presented in the QueryResultDialog (see below  #QRD ).

Remark that one could have specified this query annother way round :
In the dialog window of the Goal Events, a button with the label Player is available. If one presses this button, a new window, divided into two parts comes up, in which one can select out of all player - sorted according to surnames -, available in the system. When the SELECT - Button is pressed, one finds in the following window, the note SET. Thus the player data were taken over correctly.

Once you see a label instead of a button, you can reach a window, in which appropiate attributes can be provided.

Our system is more powerful, consider the following second query :

Give me all the video sequences in which a player scored a goal by head from a distance of max. 10 meters and from a middle position. The player had done this goal after a pass over thirty meters and this pass was issued from a player (defense !) from its own team.

One proceeds as follows:

One defines a new Event (Click on the NEW - Button in the Event - Window). As the goal happens after a pass, Event1 is the Goal and Event2 the pass.

One defines a new condition on goal by clicking on Event1 and selecting "New Goal" from the list :

One obtains all goals which fulfill the above conditions by pressing the Search-Button ; they will be taken over to the former window (see fig.2) by pressing Select. The text "GOAL_TABLE" appears in the text field right to the Event1 field.

The second Event1 shall be a pass. We proceed respective as for Event1 (choose  "New Pass" from the list of events and specify necessary conditions on the pass event) :

If we return with Select to the former window (see fig.2) all necessary conditions on the events have been specified. By clicking Search and Select one obtains the window snapshot of fig.2 (on the right you see the preview of the selected videos).


Fig.2: Event-Window after Entering two Events

In order to send the query to the index database, click on  SUBMIT. The result set will be presented in the QueryResultDialog (see below  #QRD ).

QueryResultDialog (QRD)

The QRD dsiplays the query results (fig.3):

Fig..3: The Query Result Dialog

The buttons have the following functionality:

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