Use of the Presentation Interface

The presentation interface serves for the specification of presentations and its diplay, based on the query results obtained in the querier. Before using the presentator, a query has to be successfully employed and a Result must be present in the QueryResultPanel.

In order to compose a presentation, the concerned query results have to marked in the QueryResultTable. After having marked the query results, as shown in the figure below, please click on the Presentation-Button to enter the Presentation Manager :


The main window of the presentation manager presents as follows :


The presentation manager window is composed of four sub-windoes : three JMF-players, and one presentation editor. Below, there is a command line to operate the start ands top of the presentation.

Presentation editor:

The editor consists of :

Command Line:

The command line controls the start and the stop of the presentation display :

Example :

Let us consider the example query:
Give me all video shots which show me a goal which has been scored from more than 30 meters.

We obtain 4 matches in the database, see the QueryResultDialog in Figure 1. One has now to select the videos for the presentation purpose. They appear as video bars in the videopool of the presentator (see below). Remember that the length of the bar representing a video corresponds to the length of the video, with respect to the time line.

The presentation sahll be composed as follows :
First of all we want to show in player 1 (upper right) the Videos  "TOR PRÄGER 6:1" and afterwards  "TOR THOM 1:2". 28 seconds after the start of the presentation  we like to show in the player 2 (down left) the Video "TOR GROTH 2:1" and starting at the same moment in player 3 (down right) the video "TOR BUT 3:0".

Please precede as follows :
Click with right mouse on the video bar  "TOR PRÄGER 6:1"  in the videopool. A new bar will be generated  directly under the three videolines. Attention, double click will generate a new bar (meaning that you would like to present the same video twice !). Now you can drag and drop the video in the video line at a position where you desire. You can scroll out of the window if you like, the time line follows. Is the description on the video bar not complete (the length of the video is too small, then put the mouse on the bar and the description will be displayed. If you like to delete a video from the videoline, please drop it to the pool.
Apply the same procedure for the videos "TOR THOM 1:2"  and "TOR PRÄGER 6:1" :


There is a control mechanism for you, that you do not overlay different windows, one video bar just jumps away if you try !!!. So let us enjoy the result now  (Press start).