List of Co-Supervised Master Thesis

m07 M. Waltl, "Annotation and Simulation Tools for the Representation of Sensory Effects", Klagenfurt University, June 2009.
m06 M. Eberhard, "MPEG-21 DIA metadata-based adaption of SVC bitstreams", Klagenfurt University, 2008.
m05 J. Jabornig, "Delivery Context - A Comparison and Mapping Model", Klagenfurt University, October 2006.
m04 I. Kofler, "MPEG-21-based adaptation decision taking in the binary encoded metadata domain", Klagenfurt University, 2006.
m03 T. Frank, "Effiziente Verarbeitung von binären MPEG-21-Metadaten", Klagenfurt University, January 2006.
m02 P. Lederer, "Binary Transformation of generic Bitstream Syntax Descriptions in MPEG-21", Klagenfurt University, October 2004.
M. Ransburg, "Design und Prototyp-Implementierung einer MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation Engine", Klagenfurt University, October 2003.
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