Diploma Thesis at the Insitute of Information Technology (ITEC)

Tutor: Hermann Hellwagner

Author: Christian Timmerer (@itec|@edu)


Resource Adaptation using XML within the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework


In heterogenous networks like the Internet nearly every day new devices gain access to it. In most cases the content (resources), in particular multimedia resources, obtained by these devices need to be adapted to their specific capabilities. In addition, scalable formats enable the possibility to retrieve different versions of the same resource by performing simple manipulations on its bitstream. Due to the fact that new scalable formats will arise in the future the adaptation of these multimedia resources shall be performed in an interoperable way. In this thesis, XML is used to describe the structure of the bitstream and the resulting XML description is transformed instead of applying the adaptation directly on the bitstream. Subsequently, the transformed XML description is used to generate the adapted version of the bistream. Furthermore, this XML description describes the bitstream in such generic way which allows resource agnostic adaptation to be performed. The transformation of the XML description can be conducted by using different approaches. In this thesis, however, XSLT is used to perform these transformations. An application using the MPEG-4 visual coding standard for validation and verifcation of this approach is given.


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  • Privatissimum (2nd lecture): PDF 2x


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